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How to develop an awesome underwater dolphin kick

In the current modern era of swimming, a good underwater dolphin kick can be the key determining factor which helps seperate winners from losers. In order to achieve the maximum potential results, there are some valuable tips worth understanding and implementing.


1. Technique

- Early vertical ankle (EVA). Remember that to maximize propulsion you should be kicking backwards, not just up and down.
- Kick fast, kick small. Remember to think of yourself under the water—and the magnitude of your kick—as being like a Ferrari, not a Mack truck.
- Kick from your core, not your hips. True power comes from the core—your mitro-powered engine—and not your knees.
- Kick in front of your body. Remember the extension of the kick should take place in front of your body.
- Fast toes, fast transitions. Think of the tips of your toes as a whip, snapping fast and without pause between transitions in the up and
  down phases of your kick.
- Be a two-directional kicker. Remember to use the upkick of your dolphin kick to generate propulsion as well.

2. Flexibility

- Lacrosse/Tennis Ball to Bottom of Foot. Standing or sitting, use a ball to loosen up the fascia on the bottom of your feet.
- Foam roll calf. Hit both sides of your calves with a foam roller.
- Ankle rotations. Supplement your arm and leg swings with big toeled ankle rotations. Do them in both directions.
- Wall lean stretch. Standing facing the wall, plant your heel into the ground, toes reaching up the wall, and lean forward.
- Ankle roller. The money maker. If you only have time for one stretch, this is the one.

3. Ankle Strength

- Dorsiflexion. Point toes away from your body with band.
- Plantar flexion. Point toes towards your body with band.
- Inversion. Point toes inwards with band.
- Eversion. Point toes outwards with band.

4. Put it all together

- Make it a fixture of your training. Progressively add it to your every day training and sets.
- Controlled breathing to help lengthen your underwaters. Practice breath control in your swimming to help your underwaters.
- Vertical kicking. Tack on 5-10 minutes of vertical kicking to your workouts.